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Please join me, along with wonderful experts and speakers at the: IWD 2024 Global Empowerment Virtual Summit which is an INTERACTIVE, FREE event called Together We Thrive.


March 10th from 10am-12pm PST

Register HERE!

How much POTENTIAL do you believe you have?

BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE is here to support you in discovering and uncovering the TRUTH of who you really are by guiding you step by step as you choose to let go, forgive, trust, believe, have faith, and SHOW yourself the unseen Potential that is within you!


  • We pray with you on a weekly/biweekly basis in person or phone

  • We give Affirmations weekly to help you in the space that you may be moving through to help ease your mindset

  • Weekly/biweekly Support in person or phone

  • We share the tools of deep breathing and meditation and why it is benefits you to practice along with other spiritual tools

  • We support, encourage, inspire you to believe in yourself

  • We share personal examples for clarity

  • Give targeted assignments to help release old baggage

  • Opportunity to call into BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO and share your experiences

  • Assurance that we are working With you in life and so much more!

POTENTIAL means that you can BE, DO, OR HAVE ANYTHING that your mind can imagine and your heart desires you believe that Self Help is Self Love!




Heather Buzzard

Heather is a life coach and a licensed Reiki 2 master with 15 years of experience. She received her practitioner certification through Earnest Holmes University of Spiritual Living (LA). She also attended  Barbara King School Of Ministry (GA), and Agape Spiritual Living Center (LA).

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“I have been working with Heather and she has opened me up, help me to trust, believe, have more faith in myself, and has helped me truly clean my inner house.”



"After working with Heather, I noticed an increase in faith, confidence in myself, and trust. This was an investment in myself that was well spent." 


"Heather helped me take back my personal power from a very challenging situation, and turn my energy towards a space of peace and light." 



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