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Growing up I saw that there was something different about me, a black girl raised by white parents. Because I SAW it, the questions started in my come they are white and I am black? What happened to my mother? Why did she give me up? What's wrong with me? Was I not good enough? Wasn't I able to be loved?


Don't we all have questions about who and whose we are? 


Today, I am grateful that I have the parents that I have today. It was because of how my mother treated me growing up that cemented in my mind the determination, courage, & fortitude, to discover MYSELF!



I want to share that journey with you.


I AM a prime example of God making someone who used to be negative, belligerent, cocky, "in your face," bold, and rude into a woman of LOVE. 



Do you seek guidance on your spiritual journey?
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When I was 18 my parents kicked me out and I was no longer the "cute black girl" with the white parents. But people said I was "too white" for the black world. So I was confused about who loves me, whether I love myself, who I am, and who is my family. 


Angels, it took courage to start my Spiritual Journey. It was hard to set out and find my birth family, because of the thoughts of being rejected again! It took courage to silence the voices that were telling me "no, it's not going to work, who do you think you are, they don't care, you're wasting your time, you're setting yourself up to be hurt AGAIN and so much more!"



When you face that kind of doubt, you have to keep on!
Here's how.



And do you know, Angels? None of those fears really happened. What did happen was a blessing from God! I didn't only meet my birth mother, but I met my birth father as well. I never thought I would! Yet they had stayed in contact with each other because of a promise they made at 15 & 17 that, God Willing, they would meet me together. God always goes above and beyond our expectations!

Having that experience along with so many others over the years is why I AM God's Cheerleader today!


I AM here as an example that God can use ANYONE who chooses their faith, determination, strength, belief, & courage to better themselves.



I chose to "do the work" with Self, the forgiveness, releasing my anger towards myself and all that occurred with my mother who raised me, forgiving my birth parents, forgiving myself, changing my thinking from negative to positive, and climbing the mountains of belief, faith, and trust!



Now I want to share that work and wisdom with you.



Thirty years later, Angels, I stand here and confidently KNOW:

  • I AM a woman of God 

  • I AM worthy

  • I AM good enough as I AM, 

  • I AM accepted,

  • I AM approved 

  • I AM pure,  

  • And, Angels, KNOW that I AM LOVE today! 






Peace and Blessings,





See how YOU can start that journey!




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