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****Relationships, Money​, Balance

Health,​ Communication​*****


Angels do you have issues with Relationships, Money, Balance, Health or Communication? 


 Communication: Allow yourself to open up your 5th Chakra as BUZZARDSKORNERS OF LOVE holds the space for YOU to unload, vent your frustrations and become clearer in what you are really asking the Universe for!




Exercise heals the body. Are you aware of that?  Cirruclation heals the body. It is when we are sentiment beings that our bodies break down! Walking, Running, Yoga, Pilates, or simple Strecthing all help your body heal! BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE can motivate, inspire, and encourage YOU to better HEALTH!




........What are your thoughts regarding Prosperity? Are you aware if you have an Abundance Mentality or Lack Mentality? Angels, I believe that our thoughts create our World and it is what you think and speak that allows you to create!  What are you creating? BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE can help YOU create even more in your life with uplifting positive affirmations that only help YOURSELF!




 Relationships: We all need help with our RELATIONSHIPS because in TRUTH we are only having a RELATIONSHIP with ourselves.  Do you believe that?  KNOWING that there is only one power and one presence active in our life and in this world, which is the ALL LOVING GOODNESS OF GOD every  person, I believe is a reflection of myself!  How I respond to another's actions, words, or behaviours is my choice and that is where I belive, THE WORK comes into play! BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE will assit YOU in letting go, forgiving, releasing old ways of thinking, and so much more to create a TRUE LOVING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF! 


 Balance: Angels me BEING a Libra BALANCE is very important to me! One thing I have strived for my entire life is BALANCE! What I have noticecd when I AM out of BALANCE is that my life is a mess, I'm unhappy, frustrated, angry, and upset!! And Angels that is NO WAY to live!  What I have come to KNOW is that BALANCE is key to a happy life! BALANCE at home, work, family, relationships, money, ALL OF IT! BUZZARDSKORENR OF LOVE can assist YOU in maintaing and living a BALANCED life so that YOU can experience more JOY, PEACE, HAPPINESS, & LOVE in your life!




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