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2021 is here what?

So, 2021 is now here!! Now what? We all had plans for 2020 and they didn't all quite work out right did they? Are you making plans for 2021? The one thing 2020 has shown me is that we are in CONTROL of NOTHING!

If that hasn't been made evident over the last year I don't know what will convince you that

God is in control! All the plans humanity had didn't quite work out, yet, the plan God had did!

Don't get me wrong in what I AM conveying.

In what other way can the Universe get our attention and sit 7.8 billion of us down at once? The Souls that choose to leave that was how they left through COVID19, yet it has gotten our attention no? We have been forced to BE with our self and our family's instead of just dropping and running all day long and spending very little time with family!

Family is the ROOT of God, without FAMILY who are we? We are also waking up to the fact that ALL of us are in the HUMAN family and that ALL LIVES matter! We have to get past the skin color, language barriers, cultural wars, and really understand that WE ALL come from ONE SOURCE and that source is Spirit, God, Jesus, Life, Yashua, whatever name you choose to call it!

Do we understand that? Since the beginning MAN has thought Divide and Conquer was the way to go, yet what or who are you dividing and who do you think you will conquer? Man can't create life, Man can't fling stars into the universe or make the sun or moon or hold it in place!

So, what is Man trying to conquer? Eventually their will be nobody to conquer nor earth to divide because MAN will have destroyed it by that time. So, again I ask what is MAN attempting with divide and conquer?

Ask yourself since man has been here what have they accomplished? the Europeans, British, and Caucasian have all attempted to conquer and divide yet blacks, hispanics, asians, and all other ethnicitys's are still here standing strong and NOW it is our turn to experience peace prosperity and all the good things that this age brings!

GOD, Angels. EVERYTHING begins and ends with God! So, make plans with God in 2021 and watch every one of those plans come into play! Yet, I will say if you make plans without God, remember 2020 and KNOW that hindsight is always 2020!

Happy New Year & Happy New You!!


bringing people back to themselves

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