• Heather Buzzard


1) Consciously choose a healthier diet! their are many apps that you can download to help you stay conscious of what your eating. Put in fresh fruits and veggies. Download easy to make recipes that really take no time at all. Personally I love Denise Austin. She has a bunch of free information and videos on her website. I have followed her for 32 years and Angels she is a fit women for being 60! So it is possible.

2) Commit yourself to exercising at least 10 min a day. You can run, walk, do yoga, stretching, pilates, anything that will get your blood flowing and your body active! You don´t have to join a gym or even go outside your home these days to exercise. You can walk a mile in your living room put on a video and do your exercising. I use YouTube every morning and start my day out right!

3.)Give yourself Quality time alone. If you work, have a family and take care of the household it is important that YOU take time for YOU. Your house will run smoother, you will feel better and if possible be consistent with it. Give yourself the chance to breathe and BE still. DON´T GET ON YOUR PHONE! This time is for YOU! Sit and Sup with your Inner Spirit!

4)Love Yourself! Make a conscious effort to speak kindly towards yourself. Forgive yourself if something goes wrong in your day. Look in the mirror throughout the day and tell yourself you appreciate yourself and love yourself. Pat your own self on the back and give yourself praise! That isn´t being selfish Angels, it is called Self Love!

5.)Speak words of gratefulness and appreciation to yourself throughout the day. Be grateful for safe travels, for having a home, a family, for being able t have the resources you need. Be grateful for the fact that you can walk, talk, see, write, and have opportunity to BE, DO and HAVE whatever you can imagine. Let me tell you appreciation energy goes a long way and in truth because God knows our heart all we need do is say Thank You!


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