• Heather Buzzard


You will make it through! I promise you. Apply one of these tips and show yourself your own magic Angels!

1.) BREATHE that is the one thing that will help you move through any stressful situation or crisis. Give yourself an opportunity to step away and remind yourself to take some deep breathes and relax and then go back.

2.) LAUGH at yourself and others. When we are able to laugh at ourselves Angels it helps lighten the situation or the experience you may be moving through at the time! Go to the internet and find something funny and just LAUGH!

3.) ALONE TIME give yourself a few minutes to BE Alone! There is nothing wrong with excusing yourself from all the hustle and bustle and give yourself, your body, and your mind and opportunity to just BE with yourself. 5 minutes Angels that is all you need.

4.) POSITIVE SELF TALK tell yourself that you love yourself. that you are a worthy deserving person, that you are a child of God, look at yourself and remind yourself that God¨s Love is flowing through you always and tap into that love by reciting positive affirmations. I AM Love, Peace flows through me now. All is temporary, This too shall pass, I AM okay just as I AM!

5.) SMILE that¨s right! Even if you don¨t feel that the top 4 you can do you can SMILE! A simple Smile makes you feel good and the other as well. Sometimes we don¨t have to say a thing! A simple Smile does it all! You can Smile your way through any situation and you certainly can Smile through this Holiday Season without having to say a word!

5 Simple tips for you Angels to make it through this Holiday Season with family and friends. Put them into action and remember, it is all temporary and if all else may fail simply SMILE!!


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