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5 Steps In Keeping Calm!

  1. Immediately PULL YOURSELF back to Center! Whet'er that means walking away, listening to music, getting out in nature, meditating, DO SOMETHING that will take your mind off your irritation so that you can bring yourself back to CENTER!

2. As you relax and take your mind off what was you will notice a change in your feelings, your feeling tone, and your attitude. You may also be able to think clearer and better! As you take NOTICE of your feelings that means YOU are back in control of your EMOTIONS!

3.Begin to THINK ANEW! Create a NEW thought about the situation, idea, person, or circumstance and allow that IDEA to take shape in your mind! Repeat that thought in your mind until you are ready to act upon it!

4. Implement YOUR NEW THINKING.....actually begin to test out, if you will, your new thinking. How do you feel? how does it fit the situation , person or circumstance? Can I receive the results that I desire from this new thought? (If you hear yourself say NO, then you need go back to Step 3 and really ask yourself if that new idea or thought is really new, and where is it truly coming from!)

5. Receive what it is you desired before you were pulled out of your Center, and that is PEACE OF MIND Angels. Peace of Mind goes a long way in living and in BEING who you desire to BE! Peace of Mind allows us to STAY ON CENTER when this entire world is Chaos!

You are worth it Angels! And for me, I had to repeat these 5 Steps until I TRULY "got it" and just like a baby, my angels, we will fall down, yet the KEY is to GET BACK UP and keep moving forward!Take advantage of these 5 Steps until it becomes a way of life, and I promise you will NEVER EVER be pulled from your CENTER again!!


bringing people back to themselves

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