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We have all heard the saying that like attracts like how is that working for you? Believe it or not everything in your life YOU have attracted to you wheter it be jobs, relationships, experiences, all of it and what I have come to discover is that if I AM unhappy then I can change it! YES we can.

Are you attracting all that you desire? are you attracting spiritual experiences or are you attracting experiences of the world? Only you know. Below you will find some tips to help you become more clear as to what you are attracting:

:Every idea is bound to produce an effect after its kind....are you conscious of what your thinking?

:What a person has and what they are, is the result of the subjective state of your thought

::KNOWING there is NO FAILURE as it is impossible for SPIRIT to fail

:BE SPECIFIC IN WHAT YOU DO, yet don¨t outline HOW it is to be DONE

:NEVER LOOK to see if something or someone is there as that only implies DOUBT

Seek ye first Understanding and Angels that is what I have discovered makes life better! When you understand the Laws of the Universe we are then able to WORK WITH the Laws instead of against them!

To truly understand it though we have to BE willing to BE reborn of the Spirit!

We are born of the flesh and if we don¨t understand that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience then we can never be reborn Spiritually and The Law Of Attraction helps you identify where you are in life!

Angels take these tips , use them and watch how your life changes! Your life IS bercause of what you are choosing to ATTRACT TO YOU!!

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