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5 Ways On How To Live Lightly!

5 Easy Ways To Likghten Your Life Up!

1) Laughter is so good for your body, mind, and Soul! If your able to find something to laugh at daily you will feel so much better! I have a friend who watches cartoons. Personally I laugh at the little things in life that we take so seriously, and I also laugh with intention! I watch funny shows from back in the day that make me laugh as well as laugh at myself. Angels, Laughter makes a world of difference in life! I DARE you to LAUGH!

2) Eat Lighter Foods at night! I have noticed a salad, or fruits, and nuts make me feel lighter, and don¨t binge late at night on ice cream, cookies, cakes, ect. I used to do that and upon waking I¨d feel worse and heavy. Fruit cocktail, fuits, nuts and berrys, protien shakes, jello, are all good late night snacks. Also, eat dinner before 8pm if your able and eat a light dinner. Soup/Salad or maybe Sandwhiches, something that won¨t weigh you down too much!

3) Drink plenty of WATER! Most of us don¨t get enough water and dehydrate ourselves in that manner! Drink non sugary drinks, yet WATER is the best for you as it flushes out your system and helps regulate your body temperarture. Think about this Angels, Our bodies are 90% water. How much better do you think you¨d feel if you drank a few more cups of water each day? I do my best to drink a gallon which is something I worked my way up too, yet a liter or a half of liter of water is a great start!

4) Feed your Mind with POSITIVE many of us move through the day with worry, doubt, disbelief, anger, upset, all of that affects our bodies, minds, and souls, and weighs us down. Do you relaize how HEAVY your life is when you carry all negativity from the past into your present moment! Do you realize how you are adding weight, worry, and negativity to your consciousness by listening to gossip, the news 24/7, social media, and the like! Get off the computer/phones and go outside and enjoy Mother Nature!

5) Last, yet certainly isn¨t least in fact you can make this your starting point and work backward if you choose! Establish a relationship with God, Jesus, Higher Self, Energy, whatever you choose to call it start creating a relationship with it so YOU can TRUST yourself, and LIFE! You are Worthy to have the best friendship you can between you and God and once that is set and you KNOW that God is there for you ALL THE TIME, then can you relax into life!

Angels, these are simple steps that you can put in your life today! Doesn¨t cost you any money, it simply a choice! What do you choose? You¨d be surprised by how many people choose to stay unhappy and won¨t do anything and you may be one, yet DON¨T COMPLAIN about Life if YOU are unwilling to CHANGE your life!!

Peace and Blessings Angels


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