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5 Ways To Balance Your Life!

1) Explore Your Spiritual Center.....take a few minutes each day to check in with your 3rd Charkra and your belief system. We tend to pay attention to our stomachs when they are upset or indigested, yet before getting to that point Angels, allow yourself to check in with what you are feeling in whatever you may be doing. Your Spiritual Center will never steer you wrong!

Example: the other day I was in an uncomfortable situation and I checked in wtih my center and listened to it and moved!

2.) Get It Out.....don¨t let yourself hold your feelings in. Cancer is eating away of the body from the inside out because we hold ill feelings, resentment, anger, ect within us! Write It out, Speak it out, Form a Get It Out group, vent on social media, there are a million and one ways to let your feelings out in a non destructive way, YOU have to chose it!

3.)Think you can think negative so too can you think positive! If you feel it is easier to BE negative you are RIGHT! Yet, do you chose to move through life being RIGHT or HAPPY? I choose HAPPINESS!

4.)Travel........get outside of your box! Get out of your routine! You can take a car trip, a train trip, a bus trip, or fly, You can join a group of travelers and travel with them. The point is to get out and EXPERIENCE something NEW as it opens your mind and helps you see life in a different manner, and realize that everything isn¨t the way you think it is!

Example: I will be traveling to Chicago and MI for 2 weeks! To get outside of LA and meet new people and have new experiences!

5) Look for the deeper meaning in life! We KNOW that life isn¨t what we are seeing, and by tuning into your Spiritual Center and building your relationship with God you are able to move through life in a more relaxed, peaceful way!

Angels implement these 5 things into your life and watch your life BE more BALANCED! YOU deserve to live a balanced life, a life of peace, happiness, health, and well being! it is up to YOU, yet I will tell you this, YOU are making a choice wheter conscious of it or you aren¨t so instead of going with the DEFAULT button of negativy, CREATE BALANCE for that IS KEY!


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