• Heather Buzzard


)1...... Wake up GRATEFUL! Angels without BREATH in our bodies we are only a shell! Thank you Spirit that I AM able to wake up and BREATHE of my own accord! how many of us even give thanks for breath in our bodies? Yet without we are no longer here!

)2......APPRECIATE who YOU ARE FIRST! before we go to tend for others give yourself at least 3 minutes to appreciate YOURSELF. Giving Thanks for your body, your limbs, the fact that you woke up safely in a home climbing out of a bed. Appreciate the fact that this day you have an opportunity to begin AGAIN in everything! APPRECIATE the fact that you can see, hear, communicate and BE.

)3.......BE THANKFUL for EVERYTHING in your life! As hard as that may be to comprehend you are the one creating your life so BE thankful for what you are showing yourself, where you are in life, what needs to be worked on within yourself and how far you have come from where you used to BE. THANKFULNESS is a very strong energy Angels. The Angels in the heavens above shout with joy when they see and hear that we are thankful for our lives here on Earth! Remember too, that this is the game of life, and BE thankful that you don¨t allow yourself to fall to deep into the Illusions!

)4....... LAUGH at yourself and at life! It is when we are able to laugh at life and yourself. When we can LAUGH at ourselves it makes life lighter, and more fun. We don¨t take ourselves so seriously and we can have fun playing this game of life and LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH!

)5.......EXERCISE! Move your body, Stretch your body, Walk with your body, Swim, do Yoga/Pilates. Pull up YouTube and download a video and EXERCISE! Angels, that is the #1 reason for AL sickness Adult and Children! We have become a nation who sits and our bodies were never made to just sit! Circulation heals the body, yet if we don¨t move it then there is no circulation for the healing!

)6.......PRAY PRAY PRAY! Prayer works miracles Angels! when you pray and then see what you have been praying for show up you can¨t be anything other than GRATEFUL! Angels I have prayed and made some big requests that only GOD was able to answer and answered they were which in turn made me even more GRATEFUL. GRATEFUL for my relationship with God, GRATEFUL that I believe, GRATEFUL that I AM able to go to Spirit and ask for what I desire and KNOW it will show up!

Angels, incorporate this energy into your life on a daily basis and watch your life change, those around you change, and your energy within change! GRATEFULNESS is tied to SELF WORTH and my precious Angels YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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