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6 Ways To Stay Sane This Holiday!

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

YES it is that time of year already! It seems like we were just saying Happy 2021 and Angels because time is moving faster our days seem to be flying by! One reason that we don't take ANYTHING for granted! One day our Family may be and the next they are gone!

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we here at BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE are giving you 6 tips to keep your calm this holiday with family you mayn't like or just the fact that you have family to see, friends houses for dinner, you may even be making Christmas dinner yourself, whatever the case may be, below are 6 tips to help you move through this Holiday Season Calmly, and at Peace with yourself!

1.) When you feel OVERWHELMED or too much is happening around you, take in at least 3 deep breaths which will allow your body and mind to relax in the moment and you will feel a calmness coming over you which will allow you to move forward in peace instead of frustration and anger! Yet it doesn't work unless YOU work it Angels.

2) Give yourself permission to say NO to others! One reason we have so much stress during the holidays is because we are always trying to please someone and saying Yes to everything and all that does is stress us out, raise our blood pressure, give us headaches, etc. we don't have to put our self through that when all we need do is say NO without the Guilt! Chose a few things that you'd like to say YES to and keep it at that!

3.) Power Down and what we mean by that which may be difficult is to GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA! What you may be screaming, yet in order to truly Power Down you will need to unplug yourself from your phone, facebook, tic tok, Instagram, twitter and all other social sites, which will give you time to spend outside with your family, have a heart to heart talk with your children or loved ones. Being off the computer /phone gets you away from that energy coming from the screen and gives your eyes an opportunity to rest. Pick up a good book, go outside and BE with Nature, if your able go ice fishing, skiing, sledding, ice skating, and all the other many winter sports that are available.

4.) Do Something Just For Yourself! How many of us do that? Carve out some time just for YOU! Take yourself to a Spa, get a massage, spend some quiet time alone, find something that you have desired to do and go do it, take a mini vacation, go to a comedy show and laugh laugh laugh! Have FUN FUN FUN and Angels don't feel guilty about anything because YOU deserve it!

5.) BE GRATEFUL. Angels appreciation energy goes a long way. Whenever you are grateful the energy multiplies and you feel blessed and you receive more! I know for me, that by expressing gratitude I feel better, I allow myself to KNOW that I AM blessed, that I AM deserving, that I AM worthy! Angels, you are here to love yourself first, and then love others and BEING grateful through the process of life helps YOU!

6.) THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION....Once you are able to embrace that fact Angels this holiday season will go so much better for you! It is when we are striving for that Perfection that we get upset or frustrated. Perfect is only on a TV and that isn't real! Embrace who YOU are, what it is that you may be attempting, understanding that perfection is only and Idea and that you can't and don't have to compete with it! God is Perfect and so to are YOU just the way you are RIGHT NOW!


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