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A Mother's Love!

Updated: May 24, 2021

Angels, it is a Mother;s Love that has this World continue to go around! Think about this for just a moment, if you are a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, or whomever that has had a Child think of the sacrifices you made and the LOVE you gave!

Angels, it is a Mother's Love that makes this World turn! Mothers give birth, Mothers raise their children, Mothers pray for their kids, Mothers are senstive beings, Mothers are compassionate, Mother's know how to Love!

Yet, I will say and acknowledge that some of us out here didn't have the opportunity of a Great Mother relationship for whatever reason myself included! Yet, what I did receive from my Mother was in her best way, the love she was able to give, the stability at that time, the concern, and so much more! My Mother taught me so much about life about how to BE and what I didn't choose to BE!

Angels, think about this, whet'r you have a relationship with your Mother today or don't I KNOW their is 1 good thing you can find about her that you LOVE......after all, you do come from her! And for those of us who are adopted, we have the best LOVE of all.....God's LOVE and Angels, that is A MOTHER'S



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