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Not an easy thing to do I KNOW, and yet in order to take myself to the next level of GOOD in my life. ACCEPTING WHAT IS is part of the process to Experiencing my Kingdom on Earth!

Think about this, Angels: things will come to you faster once ACCEPTING WHAT IS. How is that you ask? Well, first thing is by ACCEPTING you have said to the Universe I TRUST YOU. It is only when we argue, fuss, and fight, that we are not ACCEPTING WHAT IS.

I have come to KNOW that it is when I ALLOW what IS to BE that my life flows! In order for me to truly step into my next level in life I KNOW that ALLOWING this Universe to work its magic is part of the game. It is no longer Heather's way.

Where in YOUR life may you be having a difficult time ALLOWING & ACCEPTING? Are you willing to look at the situation with a new perspective? Are you willing to LET GO of YOUR idea's of HOW you "think" life should happen? I have come to experience that LETTING GO is a very productive and useful Energy.

LETTING GO requires TRUST, FAITH, LOVE, and absolute KNOWING that your prayer has ALREADY been answered and then ALLOWING it to come to you in the ways the Universe sees fit! Which then in turns sets you up so that you will be able to RECEIVE what it is that you planted with your thoughts time ago! And Angels it is in the RECEIVING I believe, that you have the opportunity to experience, live, and enjoy YOUR kingdom on earth!

The shift has happened. The Energies are flowing, and LOVE is in the atmosphere. And all of THAT is part of YOU, ME, US......ACCEPTING, ALLOWING & RECEIVING!



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