• Heather Buzzard

ACCEPTING WHAT IS...easier said than done!

Not an easy thing to do I KNOW, and yet in order to move onto the next phase of good in your life ACCEPTING WHAT IS is part of the process to Experiencing your Kingdom on Earth, and I AM speaking to myself as well. I AM being told by my Guides and Angels to drop how I "think" life should show up and ACCEPT WHAT IS showing up!

I was having a difficult time with ACCEPTING WHAT IS and what it "looked like" and after a session with my Angel/Guru I was told that things will come to me faster once I ACCEPT WHAT IS. I left feeling confused as I was thinking me, not ACCEPTING WHAT IS how can that be? (which was all EGO!)

Until recently.  I was having a session with one of my Clients and they were caught up in a cycle of FEAR, What ifs, Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda energy upset, and angry all because LIFE did NOT happen the way  they thought it should happen and because it did not they chose to instead argue with what did show up. Do you do that as well?

And it was at THAT moment Angels that I was able to see so clearly what ACCEPTING WHAT IS "looked like" as I went on to explain to my Client  that the only reason she was upset was because she was NOT ACCEPTING what was at the time and the minute I saw that  I immediately began thanking my Angels and Guides for showing Me, Me.

Where in YOUR life may you be having a difficult time ACCEPTING WHAT IS?  I used to have a difficult time with life not showing up the way that I "thought" or "expected" it should and because it did not, for years, and years, and years Angels  I found myself caught in a cycle of never ending energy of frustration, anger, and upset until it finally came to me that I was not ACCEPTING what was showing up in my life!

Do you do that, and if so are you willing to look at the situation through fresh eyes?  Are you willing to let go of your idea's of HOW you think life should happen?  I have come to experience that Letting Go is a more productive and useful Energy and it speeds up your experiences in life.

Letting Go requires Trust, Faith, Love, and absolute KNOWING that your prayer has Already been answered and then Allowing Life to show up as it IS and unfold!

Try for yourself as you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain as you choose to develop

more and more Self Love by choosing,...... ACCEPTING WHAT IS!


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©2019 BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE. All rights reserved