• Heather Buzzard


Today We are going to affirm YOUR good.  Are you ready?  It has been said where two or more are gathered in its name, so shall it BE.  So, lets get started!!!

INNER PEACE: Within myself I AM able to BE in the silence and at peace with ALL of ME.

GUIDANCE: Resting and Trusting absolutely in my KNOWING that ALL is Truly Well. I AM BEING guided in ALL ways for Always.

HEALING: With a grateful heart, I KNOW I AM healthy and whole in ALL-WAYS for Always.

PROSPERITY: I KNOW my good is always coming to me in all ways, and I stand in the space of unlimit and accept ALL this Universe gives me.

WORLD PEACE: I AM Blessed and grateful KNOWING I AM contributing to a world where only peace can be experienced.

Affirmative Statements such as these I feel, helps to set your mind in the right direction for the day.  I start my day out with NO-THING except positiveness, and that is what I experience throughout the day, even when it does not "look" like it.

Affirmative Statements go hand in hand with that.  In order to keep your vibration up you need to be able to maintain it throughout the day and Affirmative Statements remind you of who you truly are.

So, KNOW that YOU are well  on your way to experiencing, expressing, fulfilling, and truly loving who you are....ONE AFFIRMATIVE STATEMENT AT A TIME!!!


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