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Affirming Life or Denying Life...where are you?

Are you Affirming your Life or denying your Life? With one, you will experience life as joy, peace, love, & harmony. With the other you will experience YOUR hell on earth of anger, frustration, separation, & denial. With either choice you will be molding and shaping your life to how you see fit and your experiences will follow your thoughts.

I AM, are great statements of Truth Affirming. I believe anything that follows those two words has to be manifested, for what I hold in my mind, is the key to manifestation, what you think, and what you speak is what you create in your life. If I am always affirming what it is that I Can't, Don't, or Will not do, then that is what will manifest in your life.

The Key is Consciousness. I AM remembering the longer that I travel this path that the more conscious I AM the easier my life flows, the more trusting I AM, the healthier I AM, there is more peace, joy, happiness, and love flowing in, as and through me to others in a more consistent manner. As I walk this path and choose to go deeper within myself I truly am witnessing and experiencing Life coming to me, things, and people showing up right on time, and things working out for the good of all.

Every - Body is telling their own stories. What is your body telling about you? Does your body affirm life with you or does your body function in a way where you are experiencing sickness, aches, and pains? What are you Affirming daily? Is it positive or negative about you, your body, and your circumstances?

BEING a big believer that you create your life by what you speak it only makes sense that as you become more conscious you become more aware of what your speaking, what your doing, and what you are thinking. Eventually you will get to a point where you will experience your behaviour lining up with your words, and once there, you are well on your way to making this a lifestyle. It can be done, I AM proof of it.

I feel, the energy cycle has changed. We have new planets in position and a new energy coming from them. I believe we have a softer more feminine energy coming down and because of that, Men will find and draw out there compassionate sides and this world will find a balance, as the world needs both the Male electric principle and the female magnetic principal to balance life and truly make it work.

I feel a new Cultural Story will be born as well. A story where we tell our little ones that they can be, do, and have whatever they choose, and that life is all about CHOICES, and that they are free to choose and experience any or all of it if they wish. I see parents being parents and NOT reliving their life through their children. I see a world in which Unity is our guiding principal and being "your brother's keeper" is more than just mere words.

The only way we will get to this type of world is through each one of us, and that will happen as soon as we all choose to experience ......AFFIRMING LIFE, AND NOT DENYING LIFE!!!.....YOUR choice.


bringing people back to themselves

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