• Heather Buzzard


What is life really about? 

Is it really about how many cars, clothes, houses, wives or husbands we have? OR, is life about peace of mind, laughter, joy, and fun? 

 Do you feel that life can be about both of these things?  If so, then  what do you feel the key is? May it possibly be balance? Have you asked yourself lately, AM I BALANCED IN MY LIFE?

For me, Balance is Key. I AM a Libra and a Libra's sign is the scales and scales mean balance. Balance of the Human and the Spiritual.  

The longer I live the more I AM realizing that the key to happiness for me, is being balanced between the fact that I AM human and I AM a Spiritual BEING.

 Honoring and acknowledging both and for far too long I feel humanity has focused on the human aspect and NOW it is time for CHANGE!

Do you acknowledge your Spiritual side?  Do you acknowledge your Human side?  

Are you aware of where you invest most of your time, KNOWING that what you give the Universe is exactly what it gives back to you? 

The more Aware that you become as you walk this path the more you will begin to ask yourself these type of questions and even go deeper within yourself.

When I was traveling my dark night of the soul I used to run around screaming "why the need for balance? what difference does it make? If God desired us to experience Heaven why did it not just create us that way?"  

Those were the questions I would ask, and all of my energy at that time went into asking questions and trying to figure out WHY!  DON'T DO THAT TO YOURSELF!

KNOW, that as a Human Being you have chosen to experience and to KNOW balance. BALANCE of your Yin and your Yang energy.

BALANCE between the Human and the Spiritual, BALANCE in experiencing and expressing your emotions or energy in motion. 

BALANCE with life period.  I feel, that there is no other reason for any of us to be here other than the fact that we have FREE WILL and have chosen what it would feel like to experience BEING HUMAN.

KNOWING that it is through BEING human that Spirit works, plays, and has fun, we, you and I both chose to BE HERE NOW at this time in history to contribute to the overall good of this planet and to help humanity move forward in whatever way, shape, or form that we choose.

So, as you move forward in your life and become more and more Aware of Who You Truly Are keep in the back of your mind the question........AM I BALANCED IN MY LIFE? KNOWING that it is through acknowledging both aspects of yourself that you find yourself BALANCED and moving forward!


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©2019 BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE. All rights reserved