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I was listening to other people Angels, and using myself as an example I strongly suggest you adhere to the words above!

I stopped doing Radio because of what I was believing and being told! Yet, if you heard our "last" episode you can hear the emotion in my voice. When I did that show I thought it was the RIGHT thing to do!

Yet, when I became aware that all the talking I have done about having AND & BOTH and the energy we are in I realized I AM able to have that as well! Saying all that to say I LOVE BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO and I can have that and our YouTube page as well!

We will be back on air Next Tuesday at 4pm PAC/7pmEST our format will be somewhat different yet we will still have our Meditation Tuesday on the 2nd of every Month! Angels, what in YOUR LIFE are you able to BE, DO & HAVE that will literally make you happy and you still are able to have AND & BOTH?


bringing people back to themselves

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