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Are You Willing To Truly Live?

Are you going through a death in your life at the moment? It does not have to be a person. You may be going through the death of a relationship, or a death in your finances, or a death in the ways you eat, or a death in your way of thinking or ways of BEING. If so, KNOW that it is not a "bad" thing.

We as a society have been taught that Death is a "bad" thing and I don't see that. I know that if a close loved one of mine died it would hurt, and eventually the pain would recede. "Bad" though, it is not. Not for you I believe or the person who choose to leave this Earth.

For me, Death opens up. Opens up the space for something new to come to you. If you have recently went through a death of sorts, Consider Being Happy. Does that sound strange? It does if you do not understand what DEATH is. For me, I happen to believe that death represents a falling away of something or even someone who no longer chooses to BE in that energy space, and makes room for the new that Spirit desires.

Not only does it clear the space for something new to come in, or someone new, it also opens you up. Think about it. When you have experienced death, however that may manifest, I feel, one feels more open to LIFE. The FEAR, I feel has been taken away. Death to me, is an opening Up.

"Opens me up" you say, "how is that?" well, think about it, once you have experienced death in whatever form you will of had the experience also of something "other" to have come in and filled the space, maybe recognized something within yourself, released a fear or limiting thought that you may have carried, If NO-THING else it opens your heart to feel LOVE if you allow it.

I feel, that as a society we are so "afraid" of dying that we do not discuss it, mention it, or anything and I feel as a society that we cannot Truly live our life the way that Spirit intended if we are not able to even face or acknowledge what the world has chosen to call Death.

In Truth there is no death. Only living. We take our consciousness with us as we drop our bodies I feel, and we keep moving forward!!! ARE YOU

WILLING TO TRULY LIVE? that happens only when you are able to TRULY acknowledge what this world considers DEATH, without fear, shame, guilt, or being afraid of ANYTHING!


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