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As We Turn The Page.....

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Angels, how quick the year has gone! As We Turn The Page to 2023 we ask you to take a look back at your year and give thanks for ALL OF IT!

All of it you ask, YES. ALL OF IT! Reason being is the Universe has NOTHING except GOOD to give us and yet if we have any doubt, anger, resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness, or any other negative emotions we have already STOPPED our selves from receiving what 2023 has to give us!

Looking back at my own year I AM choosing to BE appreciative as appreciation is attached to nothing! Think about it, doesn´t mean that we have to have liked everything, yet appreciating that we went through it and came out a winner!

A winner you say, how is that? YOU are reading this post, you have made it as a winner, whatever it was we moved through it and are still here which tells us that this world is STILL in need of YOUR LOVE!

I have grown so much this past year, I have discovered more about who I AM, I have become more in tune and accepting of Self this past year! I have had confirmation of old thoughts and behavior this year so that I was able to let go of OLD WAYS of BEING!

Where have you grown? In trusting self or others? In accepting more and more of yourself? Loving yourself on a deeper level? have let go of co-dependency on others? chosen to have a deeper relationship with your Higher Self? honored yourself in a particular area in your life?

So many spaces and places Angels in our life that we have changed and when we pay attention to, and recognize it within our self we will become aware of it!

So, as we Turn The Page lets do it with excitement, love, appreciation, gratitude, respect, joy, peace, laughter, positive ambition and with a vision and our willingness to share with others!

Happy New Year Angels as we look forward to Turning The Page!


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