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What role do I have to play in all that is being shown in this world today?

What AM I able to BE,DO, or HAVE to heal this planet?

AM I willing to BE proactive NOW and STOP waiting on someone or something else?

Do I chose to acknowledge and take responsibility or continue to look the other way?

Where do you believe this New World comes into existence if it isn't you?

Our Role in this World is to hold the space of LOVE. To see PEACE within our self first and then others

Angels WE are here to BE LOVE what does that look like to you and your family? What does that look like in your World? In your own personal relationships?

This World has been waiting since the passing of Christ(no disrespect) and look at where that waiting has brought us too. Angels we are tho ones we have been waiting for. Are you willing to move?

Continuing to Look the other way Angels will only bring more sorrow, pain, and division. YET, by taking responsibility we can all come together and find answers and WORK WITH each other instead of against!

Angels, we are the vehicles that GOD works through. Spiritual BEINGS having a human experience. How else does God's love flow through this World if it isn't through each and every one of us!

Peace and Blessings Angels


bringing people back to themselves

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