• Heather Buzzard

BEGINNINGS (guest post)


A new beginning has just begun

what a blessing for everyone.

A time of renewal to get recharged

full steam ahead no task too large.

Always remember why on the third day He arose

to give us all another chance old chapters to close.

Through God’s good graces we have this far come

and with His helping hand all battles will be won.

Find quiet moments take time to pray

Rejoice give thanks for each new dawn of day.

The joy of new beginnings is magical

a parable of faith unsurpassable

a lesson in patience life’s art of wait

a reflection of self-love not self-hate.

It is a time of healing being with those who care

love all-encompassing happiness to share.

It reminds us all of how precious life is

always enjoy the richness of family friends and kids.

Follow your dreams wherever they may lead

and don’t be afraid to do as you please.

New beginnings is the celebration of change

cyclical, rhythmic yet never quite the same.

But all too quickly the minutes slip away

drawing ever closer towards the end of day.

So smell the roses

by a pond sit

walk barefoot every chance you get.

Live life to the fullest

let your love light shine.

Always face the rising sun

And the shadows will fall behind.

- Doris K. Reed

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