• Heather Buzzard

BLACK & WHITE or CONSCIOUSNESS? Ask and answer these questions

Updated: Jun 15

Do you have black friends? Do you have white friends? if you say yes to that does that make you a non racist?

Do you feel white people have privilege? Do you feel Black people have privilege?

Do you feel God favors one race over another?

Do you feel that black people are no good? Do you feel white people have it too good?

Do you feel that blacks can only excel in Sports and music? Do you feel Whites excel in top CEO business?

Do you ever say "those white folks" or "them black people"?

Do you feel that white people are frail? Do you feel black people are ghetto?

Do you feel you have to defend your race or who you are to ANYONE?

Do you look down upon any race outside of yours?

Angels, these are questions that I have had to answer myself! I was surprised by some of my answers! Its amazing once you write down on paper what your true thoughts are! We in this Country have contributed it to skin color yet it is deeper than all that!

Consciousness Angels! I was taught to hate myself because of the consciousness of my Mother who hated herself! Her way of saying I ain't a racist was to adopt two black girls in 69 and 70 right after the Martin Luther King for her to show herself that she wasn't that! Yet Angels she was!

And it was because of her CONSCIOUSNESS that I looked at myself the way that I did, that I truly believed I was a white girl trapped in a black body, that God got it wrong! CONSCIOUSNESS ANGELS I have had to UNTWIST my CONSCIOUSNESS!!

God created man in Unity with each other. The reason why the turmoil and havoc is because as long as humanity has been on this planet we still can't work with each other because of how we "think" things ought to be.

The USA has over 400 years of Negative CONSCIOUSNESS so Change won't happen overnight yet talking with and understanding is what helps heal. If you have never had a white or black friend go and create a new friendship through a Senior Center or Child Care facility. Sign up and work with groups of homeless people or volunteer at a 12 step program.

Change happens within FIRST, then and only then will you truly be able to help CHANGE this World!

So, I will close by saying is it BLACK AND WHITE, or IS IT CONSCIOUSNESS? Our Consciousness has NO COLOR ANGELS! What do you choose?


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