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Celebrating The Christ Within


That is what this season is about. BEING able to celebrate your Christ Spirit within you as you allow yourself to be filled with the joy of family laughter, the smell of good home cooked food, and the Christmas Spirit as you receive from God ALL that you need!

With power and joy today Claim your Consciousness with the power of YOUR Christ Spirit within and you just may be amazed at what shows up for you! KNOWING that the power of YOUR Christ Spirit cleanses your mind and heart of any wrong thought of weakness, fear, or doubt! Receive every gift today as a token of your LOVE for your Christ Spirit within, and allow yourself to spread that love, joy, peace, and harmony wherever you may go, KNOWING that as you do you are allowing yourself to CELEBRATE THE CHRIST SPIRIT WITHIN! KNOW that ALWAYS I AM a vessel of God's light shinning brightly down here on Earth as you touch the hearts of all around you, and remembering if only for today, the grace that you have within that if you choose you may allow that grace, love, peace, and joy to spread to everyone and everything with whom you come in contact with today! By allowing yourself the gift of CELEBRATING THE CHRIST SPIRIT within I AM giving praise, giving thanks, and KNOWING that the world is safe and is my playground to go and play, and have fun while allowing my Inner Chirst Child to shine within if only for today! CELEBRATING THE CHRIST SPIRIT...... allows me the opportunity to give thanks, praise, and admiration for the Master Creator of this Universe, which in turn, gives ME the opportunity to experience my best life EVER, if only for today!

Happy Holiday Angels, go forth in peace, light, and LOVE KNOWING Who You Truly Are! BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE!

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