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CLARITY! That is what I AM talking with you today about, Angels.

I will say that the more Aware and Conscious I become, the MORE CLEARLY I AM able to see life for what it IS and Accept IT! That is a big deal! I had an experience the other day in which I was NOT CLEAR and asked to become more CLEAR and as it has to, the Universe responded. Although not how I thought it would be.

My Guru happened to be present at the time and she helped me to remain calm by breathing and allowing the experience to flow through me instead of trying to "understand" it and "figure it out." It was after I was in a space of Calm that she explained to me about CATEGORIES. Do you put situations, experiences, and things that go on in your life in category's, bubbles, or whatever it is that you call it so that you are CLEAR about those experiences?

I KNOW for me this is all something new as I have always let my experiences flow all together, which is one of the reasons I experienced confusion when those experiences did not work out the way I "thought" it should or expected it to be, and still do now although I have become better at NOT REACTING to my experiences.

I have come to find out and experience that by placing things in certain categories, or whatever you choose to call it, helps you to become CLEAR about what IS and what IS not! I began trying this, Angels, and let me tell you it made a HUGE difference in my experience BECAUSE, I was not telling myself one thing when it wasn't. I was CLEAR about what IT WAS. Do you see where I AM coming from?

Our minds can talk ourselves into thinking something is one way when it really is not. Also, the CLARITY I AM experiencing makes for a peace of mind! Confusion, Anger, Upset, Unforgiveness, and Sadness do NOT make for a peace of mind.

CLARITY also helps you to make decisions about your life and to move forward and not be STUCK in a constant cycle of whatever! For me, I deep breathe as that helps to center me, I drink lots of water, I also mediate daily, I AM with nature as much as I can be, I walk, which I feel are all tools to use to help yourself become CLEAR in who you are and why you are here along with so much more!

Angels, it is out there for you if you choose it and NOW is the time I believe!

Life is not about work, houses, awards, being on top in anything, striving, struggle, disappointment, lust for material items, or ANYTHING that has to do with the material world. I believe that we ALL chose to be here to uplift, motivate, encourage, inspire, and help Humanity move forward by sharing our gifts with the world which only each of us KNOW what that is Within!

I KNOW I AM LOVE. That I AM CLEAR on, and because that is so my life is opening up in ways that I never dreamed of. You ask and the Universe responds It has too! Have you asked for CLARITY IN YOUR LIFE? If you don't know where to start just start somewhere. It can be CLARITY about going to the grocery store. The point is that you put forth the ACTION THAT is what matters!

I've talked with you before about Believing, Letting Go, Working it if you Work it, and Forgiveness, and ALL of that falls right in line with CLARITY! If you are CLEAR about who YOU Are, Life can do NO-THING except bring you that same CLARITY back. I asked the Universe yesterday for a particular experience and was perfectly CLEAR in what I desired and I'll be darned. Angels, if the Universe did not bring it to me! To ME!

What do you choose? It is because of confusion that Life seems to be hard, and difficult. I KNOW I have been there. I encourage you to take 5 minutes right now and just sit with the word CLARITY and let IT speak to you and in that little bit of time I guarantee you, you will begin to see more...




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