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This entire World is moving through a RESET! Angels, our part is to make sure that we are sending out Love, Peace and Understanding. As we move through this RESET we will need to ask ourselves what is really important in life!

Is the health and well being of our planet important or is making money and destroying our planet more important?

Is the Well Being of every person, on this planet, important in every Country, or just a few in one particular Country?

Is Every Race important or is it just the Caucasion Rich that are important?

Is Free Education deserving of all or only to those who can afford it and have the means with which to make it happen?

Does Every Child of God on this Planet have an opportunity to BE, DO, and HAVE what they desire or is it just the United States Of America who has that opportunity?

Will we continue to recognize our Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Grocery Store Workers, Gas Station Workers, and all those that make this Country run or will we just go back to "normal" (which isn't possible angles)

Will we truly follow Jesus teachings and love ourselves and each other and realize that without one there is none. EVERYTHING on this planet is connected and it is a domino effect. Will we admit to that?

We as a Collective human family have some choices to make Angels. This is a RESET for the entire planet and if we desire to continue living then the questions above need to be answered.



bringing people back to themselves

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