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Compare or Create...which do you do?

COMPARISON! What does that word say to you? To me it says that whatever I COMPARE whet er it be persons, situations, experiences, whatever it is to COMPARE for me, means you always come up with lesser than and yet we as humans still do it!

My Guru is one who lives without COMPARISONS! It is amazing to watch her life. She has taught me so much. She says why COMPARE when you can CREATE! Meaning, because we are CREATORS there is nothing to COMPARE too because anything that we desire or see someone else having we too can have. Do You Believe that?

And that is what has stopped me, you, and any other person. BELIEF! I AM coming to realize Angels that we serve no one by putting our own light under a bushel! It is because I have been in the space of my Guru that I have been able to clearly see my COMPARISONS! Thoughts such as, well how come I'm not doing those things, or have I missed something, or I'm not enough, or I don't believe I can have that, create that, or do that, and Angels THAT IS NOT TRUE!

I AM an example of what not to do! It is because of my COMPARISON ENERGY that I have felt lesser than, not good enough, asking questions, and being in a state of frustration and we ALL KNOW that does not work!

What does work however, which is where the practice comes in is KNOWING and TRUSTING my KNOWINGNESS that I AM God IS-we are one! And for me, what that looks like is to catch myself each time I begin to COMPARE and instead CREATE!

CREATE what it is I do desire and give thanks for it coming into manifestation and bless the other for what they have KNOWING that as I AM blessing them I AM blessing myself!

Where in your life do you do some COMPARISON? What is it about yourself that you feel is not good enough? For me it was TRUST and thinking I was "missing" something and it was because of that thought that has held me in that space of COMPARISON Energy!

Angels I KNOW you hear me. Take some time with yourself today and ask yourself this question and see what comes up for you. Our first reaction is to deny, although instead of denying why not see instead if what came up has any meaning or value for you and if it does change it, if not don't do anything!

COMPARING keeps you stuck! CREATING keeps you moving! Which is it that you choose? I KNOW for me I have been COMPARING most of my life and now I AM publicly declaring that I AM choosing CREATING!

What is your choice?..........COMPARISON or CREATING?


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