• Heather Buzzard


Have you ever chosen to BE CONSCIOUSLY DETACHED?  I AM speaking about Detachment this week because that is the space that I find myself in at the moment.  Now, I have been in this space of Detachment before although not consciously, and now I find myself in this space again with the True Willingness to LET GO AND LET GOD.

In my earlier years when I would circle life and BE in the space of Detachment I had excuses as to why I could not let something go, I gave long explanations as to how, and why I felt this was important in my life, and my EGO was not in the space to allow my Soul's desires to take over. Not at that time in my life.

However, things have changed since then, which is one of the reasons I mention it.  

You may find yourself in this space of Detachment and not be able too detach from something that your holding onto, and that is Okay, which is why, as life shows, we travel around the circle so that we may have an opportunity to DO THINGS A LITTLE DIFFERENT when we come upon it again.

I find myself back in the same space, although, with a different attitude, willingness, and appreciation for myself and life which, I feel, has helped me to CONSCIOUSLY DETACH from things I no longer choose, and still do out of habit.

DETACHMENT is a powerful energy. It has allowed me to live my life, and too not take life personal.  DETACHMENT has allowed me to let go of ideas, people, relationships, and thoughts that no longer serve me.

DETACHMENT has given me the Freedom that my Soul has so longed desired by letting go of negative energy and consciously choosing to replace that with LOVE!

DETACHMENT for me, has given me the ability to TRULY stand in my power with Confidence, Love, Peace, and Joy.

DETACHMENT gives you the freedom of choice.  Instead of thinking you "have to" it allows you to choose instead.  I have come to experience that by choosing from a space of DETACHMENT I AM able to TRULY stand in my power with LOVE!

DETACHMENT is a very powerful energy I AM coming to discover.  And I have used this energy of DETACHMENT in smaller forms over my journey and now I feel I AM at a space in my life where I AM able to ingest, breathe, and live in this Energy Space on a regular basis, without the excuses, and negative energy that I once used to carry! CONSCIOUS real, it is powerful, and it is a space that YOU deserve to LIVE and BE in on a daily basis!


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