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Do you agree with me on that?  If you are not attached to how a thing, event, or happening should look like then does that not open you up to experience whatever the Universe may have planned for you at that moment?  BEING attached to how something is suppose to go only trips YOU up which I found myself in that energy yesterday.

I had an appointment and I was running behind and was not able to be home for this appointment and a part of me felt that if I was not home then it wouldn't be "right".  Who is to say what is "right" though.  Because of my frustration the person whom I had the appointment with was frustrated as well and both of us for a moment tried to PUSH how we desired it to BE.

Until we did not anymore, and because of the wisdom of my friend we both agreed that it was in our best interest to reschedule.  When I hung up my phone I immediately began thinking about Attachment.  I asked myself why I felt so attached to this appointment going forward when I was not in a position to give 100% and what immediately came back was EGO.  Yes. EGO.

It was my EGO that did not choose to disappoint. It was my EGO that said that it "has to be this way" or it's NOT.  It was my EGO that would not allow me to cancel my appointment and reschedule in the first place.  EGO desired to "not let her down," EGO screamed "you need to do this to show her" and it was that tug and pull energy that had me upset, frustrated, and trying to control.  One thing I AM coming to experience is the difference between ease and grace energy and tug and pull energy by having myself go through experiences such as this!

I can remember a time where I would circle life and I would BE in this same space, crying, screaming at the heavens, feeling like a failure, feeling like life was not treating me fairly, upset because I did not receive the attention that I desired at the moment and yesterday's experience showed me how far I truly have come, and that I still had some work to do as I was hanging onto Attachment, although not with that same intensified energy. And that is what becomes less and less.

I say all that, Spiritual BEINGS, to say that you will find yourself in this space of Detachment many, many, many times and that it is not about BEING perfect, it is about becoming more and more aware of Who you are, Whose you are, and Why you choose to come here.  When I consciously entered this space I noticed that I had an attachment to how Detachment was suppose to look.  So, I KNOW that I have work to do, and yet that is okay.  

The same goes for YOU.  Working with this energy of Detachment is something that will take time and by allowing yourself to KNOW that you can accept what comes which is why over time your life becomes better and better and better because true.....DETACHMENT ALLOWS YOUR GOOD TO COME!


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