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This is the Month in which the USA celebrates its FREEDOM! Yet, this year it has been a bit different! Instead of the typical barbecues, and firework gatherings and town celebrations we have had to LOOK AT OURSELVES and ask within Am I free?

This Time Out that God has given us has given us the opportunity to uncover and discover what we like. We have had time to get back in touch with old dreams, we have been more creative in the last four months than this Country has in more that 15 years.

Prior to this TIMEOUT as we call it, we were buried in phones, and our own little world! This experience has forced ALL of us outside of our comfort zones which is where growth comes from! So with that answer these questions and really discover how FREE YOU ARE!

1) Do I easily forgive and let go or do I hang onto old hurts?

2.)Do I truly show myself daily that I love myself or do I look to someone or something else for that?

3.)Do I TRUST God, Myself and my Choices or do I need to get 2nd and 3rd opinions?

4.)Do I believe in myself 100% that I need no outside validation from friends, family or others?

5.)Do I look to The World as my resource or Do I look to God as my resource?

Angles however you answered those questions you know in your heart whet'er you are TRULY FREE or not. And if you discovered that you weren't where you thought just change it! Don't beat yourself up about it, or any other negativity. Allow yourself to change!

Outside of our Comfort Zones Angels is where TRUE CHANGE happens! Go and experience your FREEDOM TODAY!!!

BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE bringing people back to themselves

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