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Don´t Be Your Own Doctor!

How many of us try to be our own Doctor? We look up symptoms on goggle, talk to our Facebook friends, try to analyze our self, possibly look in books, etc.

Yet, because we aren´t a Doctor do we really know what were doing? I ask that because for the past year or so I have done just that, diagnosis my symptoms, talked to people with similar issues, went to the Doctor ¨I thought¨ I needed only to find out a year later Angels that I was waaaaaaaayyyyyy offf!

So much so, that it took 3 strokes to put me in the hospital and even then after coming out I still kept going thinking nothing of what I had been through. I didn´t catch the seriousness of it all, until I did!

That was when after a week out, My Doctor whom I was seeing for a follow up checked me in! I almost didn´t go because my EGO felt it knew better and yet I AM glad I did!

This past time in the hospital I found out that it had to do with my the hole in my heart that never closed at birth. I never would of thought of that in a million years, I thought it was seizures or my neck was out and I needed my chiropractor.

My Doctor did me a favor Angels by my staying there 5 days they were able to tell me what the issue was, give me meds for it and oxygen. Thank you God that I sleep with it on and don´t have to carry it around yet had I kept doing what I ¨thought¨ was right I very well may of had too.

My point is Angels, if you don´t feel good, don´t try to guess what it is you have as you may do more damage than good, and I know Dr´s aren´t cheap and yet can you really put a price on your Health?

I played around with my Health for over a year and it only became worse because by the time my Dr. checked me in the second time I was barely able to walk 2 steps!

Your Health is all we have! Our breath is the breath of Spirit! Don´t play with such a special gift God has given us. Take it from someone who did just that and was close to losing my life! We have so much light to shine in this darkness that we need your light as well Angel!


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