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That is something I AM aware of that seems to be an ongoing process of life, as my EGO chooses to hang onto the thought of BEING"finished" and in speaking with one of my Students I was reminding her as well as myself that we are "never finished" and what happens I have realized is that in this space of I AM my OLD BEHAVIORS DO NOT WORK! Have you noticed that with yourself that old behaviors are no longer working?

I AM well aware that once you have shifted in consciousness you can no longer be put back into the same "box" so to speak, and I was aware that I in choosing to rethink the same thought over and over again ALL day long Angels it can get to the point that you go around in circles, and waste a lot of energy for NO-THING!

Notice how thoughts keep repeating over and over which was isn't loving, and that the fact that we can get stuck in EGO with the attitude of "I will show them" which can last throughout the day and even into the night.

Angles, it is then that you start to say Thank you. Coming from a space of gratefulness helps you to change your thinking and your perspective about a situation. Thank you that I AM willing to grow, Thank you to the people that are helping push me outside of my comfort zones, Thank you for this new behavior that I AM creating and so forth.

DROPPING OLD BEHAVIORS is something that you ought to be celebrated! I KNOW for me, it says that I AM moving on, I AM growing, I AM letting go and if that isn't something to celebrate then what is? We can all get caught up in the space of beating our self up because of OLD BEHAVIORS yet what does that prove or help us in life?

What does work I have come to experience and KNOW is Loving yourself, Celebrating yourself, and creating new behaviors for yourself however that works and looks for YOU! Also, a little tip is to cement in the back of your mind that your life and YOU are becoming better and better and better!

Angels, I AM blessed to be a witness to my own life changing and unfolding. To BE and example to humanity and to testify to God's goodness in my life by always changing and dropping old behavior and allowing the new to come forth so that I can BE, DO, & HAVE FUN on this Earth!

Life is meant to have FUN and the world is here I feel, as our playground and being a witness to my Guru's life She plays and has FUN!!! And you know what Angels I AM choosing to play with life and have FUN too, and the only way I KNOW how to do that is to allow myself the grace of.......DROPPING MY OLD BEHAVIORS, so join me, so that YOU too can play and have FUN in YOUR life as well!


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