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Are you aware of the effect that the energy of the moon can have on your life?  Seeing how our bodies are mostly water, the moon and the sun can affect the watery components of us and can have a great influence upon us if we allow ourselves to tune into that vibration.

Intentions set in conjunction with the full moon and new moon can ride a natural energizing current that continues to build over the course of the cycle, and further still throughout the year.  It is when you combine your intentions with both the moon cycle and the Fire Ritual, that this opportunity is then further amplified many, many, many times over.

One night I did a Fire Ritual regarding old beleifs that no longer serverd me anymore, and I KNOW that by doing that I have opened myself up to truly experience this new energy cycle.  By clearing myself up and ending, releasing, and letting go of old beliefs it has made me more receptive to experience this energy current and to set even clearer intentions to it, which allows me to ingest even more subtle energy, which only brings me more expansion.

You too, if you choose can experience this as well.  What is it that you feel is no longer serving you?  Get some paper and sit with yourself and allow yourself to FEEL the pain so that you can release the pain.  After writing it out, read it back to yourself as many times as you need to, too really feel it and then set it on fire and allow it to go back into the nothingness from whence it came.

It is a very freeing ritual which clears you to be able to receive the new energy that is here for YOU NOW! Allow yourself to set NEW intentions for this New Moon.  

Not only will you have the opportunity to become clear within yourself, as well as becoming clear in your home, cleaning closets, getting rid of clothes you no longer wear, clearing out cupboards, refrigerators, garage attics, and other spaces because as within, so without!

The Moon is a very integral part of how things manifest in your life,  whet er conscious of it or not, and it is when you are in alignment with the cycles of the moon that your manifestations become so much easier to experience.  

It is when you are in alignment with ALL of life that you see, feel, and experience ALL of life being in alignment with you.  It takes work, dedication, and commitment, yet it is ALL worth it KNOWING that you can live in peace.

Give yourself this opportunity to LOVE yourself back to wholeness by using the energy of the moon.  If you have never tried it before what do you have to lose? Instead, you may have everything to gain when you choose to experience the....ENERGIES OF THE MOON CYCLE!


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