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ENJOY THE PRIZE WITHOUT DOING THE WORK? Is that even possible with anything? I have never in my life, unless you are wealthy and are handed everything, have I known where you could ENJOY THE PRIZE WITHOUT DOING THE WORK, have you?

EGO would like for you to think that you can and it will do everything that it possibly can to get you to NOT do the work. EGO will make excuses about anything, EGO will tell you begin next week, or I'm not that bad, or I can do this without having to do that, or I'm going to invent a new way of walking this Spiritual Path without having to do the work!

I tried that 22 years ago and let me tell you something, IT DOES NOT WORK which was part of the reason my process took so long! Spirituality is simple, not easy, and the reason why it is not easy is because what you are doing is releasing and letting go of your EGO and that is not easy to do considering we live in a world of EGO where EGO is uplifted, and put on a pedestal and what you are doing is flipping the script!

And flipping that script takes time, work, determination, commitment, self love, letting go, allowing yourself to feel, crying, screaming, getting angry, releasing, ALL OF IT and allowing yourself to FEEL ALL OF IT, and that is what we humans are afraid of, to feel,and yet to travel this path you have got to feel it as that is the only way you travel thorough your heart space or 4th Charka! I KNOW as I AM-LIVING PROOF OF IT!

ENJOY THE PRIZE, WITHOUT DOING THE WORK type of mindset only delays your journey and once you become conscious to that thought, can you change it! Lights of Beings, I was trapped in that cycle for years and the key is to not beat yourself up, to accept where you are, to allow, and let go, easier said then done yes, and still that is what needs to occur!

Accept yourself NOW! Embrace yourself NOW! Treat yourself with love NOW! Allow yourself to feel NOW! Embrace your fears NOW! Fall on your face and pick yourself back up NOW! Without doing any of the above mentioned there is no way that you can successfully, peacefully,or joyously......ENJOY THE PRIZE WITHOUT DOING THE WORK!.....REALLY!


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