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Angels how many of us really KNOW what is occurring in our families? Growing up in the family I did I made it my business to know as much as I possibly was able too yet, as an Adult I AM just now discovering the TRUTH of what happened within our family and the members of it!

Angels, for me I have used judgement as an excuse to be insenstive to famiy issues and things that were happening to those within my family! Yet, today as a grown woman I AM willing to open my heart and use compassion to understand my sister, brother, mother, and father!

Are you willing to open your heart and forgive family members? Are you willing to listen to what your brothers and sisters may tell you about their life and perspective growing up in the same familly? It is a manner of being willing to open your mind and allow for a different explanation than the ones we have been telling ourselves!

I have been visiting my family and I have been informed of things I never knew yet at the time made a judgement call on only to come and discover the truth years and years later. I was surprised when I heard the truth and I was also surprised when I heard it that at that time within the family I didn't see it, and instead was brainwashing myself with my own judgements and thinking and what I thought was happening. (how many of us relate to that?)

Angels, the point we are making is that ALL FAMILIES have secerts and when you do find out about them if ever, it is easier to look at it from a point of compassion and love, instead of anger and bitterness. And Angels I have been on both sides of the coin and it makes it a lot easier to accept and move on for yourself with love and compassion when you discover or uncover some FAMILY SECRETS!


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