• Heather Buzzard

FEAR OR FAITH...which are you choosing in this time?

In this time of Pandemic and Uncertainty where are your thoughts? Are your thoughts focused on FAITH or FEAR? It makes a big difference because of what you will experience!

FEAR will cause you too... worry, wonder, distrust, question, be scared, have thoughts of not enough, hoard, fight, be bitter, hide, run, take a blind eye to truth, become sick, and all other negative thoughts you can possibly think of all because we have chosen to place our attention on FalseEvidenceAppearingReal!

Angles, we know that where we place our attention is what we will create. So, I ask again where are you choosing to place your thoughts? FEAR or FAITH as FAITH will cause you to praise, know that you are taken care of, know that your body is whole perfect and complete and no sickness can invade unless allowed!

FAITH trusts, has belief in the unseen energies at work in our life, helps us to see the truth, gives us comfort knowing that our God is for us and isn't against us! FAITH says that no matter what the World is talking about we have made it through other tragedies and situations and we are still here! FAITH says I believe in Unseen Powers and that they are working for me and never against me! ForAllIsTrulyHere Angels is what FAITH is all about!

Let the picture of this Child remind us of the Innocence of who we truly are and allow our FAITH to be that of a Child's!

Peace and Blessings Angels Keep your FAITH and moved forward in Peace!


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