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Feminine Energy On The Move!

I feel myself having to opened to MY FEMININE ENERGY and I AM loving it! I grew up as a tomboy and was one of the girls that desired to do what boys did and so I never allowed my Feminine Energy to blossom and at that time my EGO felt it was weak to be Feminine!

Although NOW, it is different, I AM different and because of that I AM excited! I AM excited about the fact that I have an opportunity to recreate myself anew in a softer, gentler, more feminine way, without the FEAR, or the Doubt, or any of that!

What I AM excited about is this time I KNOW that BEING Feminine is not a weak position it is a space of power. Commanding Power. It is also a space of softness and of allowing and receiving! I have already started monitoring my speech, looking at different style clothing, I AM creating a picture of the new me in my mind and and AM accepting and loving her NOW and because of that I KNOW I will accept and love this new me coming forth and because I accept and love me so will my Man!

I AM OPENING UP TO MY FEMININE ENERGY and Angels this is FUN! Which is why I encourage you to keep moving forward, and now I understand what it means when I would hear the saying the second half of your life will be better than the first it is because I feel, ALL that junk and negativity is GONE which then leaves you nothing except the Freedom to create whatever you choose! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

You maybe saying okay I already AM open and if you are already open to your feminine energy are there any ways that you can improve yourself or do something a little different so it feels different? A new hairstyle, or a new outfit, or makeup or earrings or for men who may be reading how about a good workout or doing some type of work to get your body in shape. ALL of that is Self Love!

I KNOW I AM excited! I have never felt or experienced this side of Heather before so when I do I KNOW it will open up a whole new world and set of experiences to me all because I have chosen to......OPEN UP TO MY FEMININE ENERGY!


bringing people back to themselves

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