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Below is a video with a new idea. What if.....and as you watch the video answer that question for yourself. Right here, Right Now, truly is the way to help YOURSELF and OTHERS Heal

So, go ahead and Forgive it Forward. It is what one person can do. I feel, as we move more and more into this 21st Century we cannot help but to come together and share and unity with each other so that we can, as a human family, move forward.

Who in your heart can you forgive? Who can you share this video with? Forgiveness is for YOU. So that YOU can move on with your life, so that YOU can continue loving, embracing, and living your life. Forgiveness allows YOU the freedom to Be, Do, or Have whatever YOU choose. Forgiveness truly does set YOU free.

What do you choose? Do you choose forgiveness? If so, Forgive it Forward KNOWING that you are not only uplifting and healing yourself, you are also uplifting and healing the world. Life was never meant to be for-getting. Life has always been meant to live for-giving!

Start today, start Now. KNOWING there is only one energy, one love, allow yourself to forgive yourself and KNOW that as you do you are opening yourself up to a whole new world of experience. A new world of peace, love, joy, harmony, oneness, and so much more. Are you willing?

If so, begin NOW and......FORGIVE IT FORWARD, for your own peace of mind, KNOWING that you are helping this world become a more pleasant place to live. Do this for YOURSELF, for humanity, for life......FORGIVE IT FORWARD!


bringing people bsck to themselves

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