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how willing are you to forgive publicly?

Forgiveness Angels is the KEY to experiencing and creating a better life!!

The only person you are hurting is yourself because if you stop and think about it the other person has moved on with their life and are NOT even thinking about you!  I believe we have been put here to experience and have as much FUN as we can, laugh, be prosper, love one another and create the best times we can AND, FORGIVENESS I believe plays a major role in how we experience life!!

Are you carrying around old thoughts, hurts, ideas, experiences, and other baggage that can no longer be changed? Are you willing to LET GO and TRUST life, yourself, your choices, your thoughts, and your ideas? OR, do you choose to hang onto old hurts which only effect YOU and your body, YOU and your happieness, YOU and your health, YOU and your way of BEING.

Is it worth it to you, to live in a space of hurt and unhappiness all over the fact that you are unwilling to forgive something that happened in the past? Yet, you say I will never forgive them because then they got away with something. Really? what is it that you believe they got away with, and is it really true?

Angels, coming from a women who used to think just like that, life is so much sweeter and better because I AM happy! I AM peaceful! I AM in good health! I AM joyful, I AM relaxed, I AM calm, I AM..... you get the point. YOU ARE WORTH IT....yet only YOU can BELIEVE THAT!


bringing people back to themselves

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