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Give Yourself Permission!

Do you allow yourself? You may be asking "Allow myself for what?" I will say anything. Do you give yourself the okay to cry when needed or do you stuff it down? Do you give yourself the okay when your feeling angry and you desire to kick and scream or do you tell yourself all the reasons why YOU can't do that and stuff that as well? Are you aware if YOU honor yourself in any way, or do you push down, bury, & ignore, your true feelings?

In speaking of honoring YOURSELF and your journey it is very important that YOU don't get stuck while traveling this path for it only disservices you! DON'T do that to yourself. If YOU are not able to BE honest with YOURSELF at this time accept THAT and then work towards it!

Yes, sometimes it is hard to accept a part of ourselves that we would rather not admit is there, and yet that is what our journey is for....To ACCEPT ALL of Our self and to have FUN along the way! That is what I AM experiencing more and more!

For me, Accepting myself HONESTY plays a major role. At first when I started BEING honest I was rude and blunt, and would defend that with the attitude of "well at least I AM being honest". As I traveled and received more insight I could see that BEING rude did not serve me either, so I have worked on that and continue to be Conscious of it to this day. Today I AM able to speak with people in an honest form, with love, and without the rudeness.

The turning point for me, was that I genuinely treated others with LOVE and because I did, the only thing I received back from the universe was love and then I responded to LIFE with that same LOVE. KNOWING there is only one energy, in speaking to others with LOVE I was in truth speaking to myself and because I was speaking to ME I have allowed that LOVE into my life in all kinds of different ways and experiences!

I have also GIVEN MYSELF PERMISSION to KNOW that I AM able to communicate and enjoy myself as a black women. For those who do not know I was set free at birth and adopted by white parents to whom I love from the depths of my Soul to this day, for they ARE my Mom & Dad and yet growing up in an all white environment effected the way I looked at myself, my race, and the world. Until it did not anymore.

I KNOW that when You allow yourself the experiences of LOVE what you are stating to the Universe is that I AM worthy and deserving to BE loved, to accept LOVE, and to operate my life FROM LOVE.

Very Powerful Statements. LOVE IS. Yet none of this would BE without my having said YES to Allowing. And it is because of my Allowing now that I AM to GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION and so too can you in any area of your life that you choose.

What is it that you would like to be, have, or create? Do you notice if you allow it into your life? Or do you push it away by the words you speak? That is one thing I have truly began to become more Conscious of. Thank you and, Take heed and choose to change it if you desire a new experience.

The Universe can only give YOU what it is that YOU tell yourself YOU are worthy to receive and speak out. That is one thing I KNOW! Take a look at your life and then take a Conscious look at the words that you are speaking, telling yourself and others! The Universe works off YOUR cue. If you feel you deserve ANYTHING, you will allow, if you don't you won't. Simple as that.

How much more of LIFE do you choose to experience? Only YOU can GIVE YOURSELF the PERMISSION to experience it and Angels that I KNOW as I AM living it now! It allows to me to BE free in who I came here to BE and it is Self Love, and Honor!

Do you feel that YOU are worthy enough to allow and receive LOVE into your life in all shapes, forms and ways of BEING? If so, then ask yourself if you will.........GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION!!!


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