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Give Yourself Permission!

Updated: May 24, 2022

Do you allow yourself? You may be asking "Allow myself for what?" I will say anything. Do you give yourself the okay to cry when needed or do you stuff it down? Do you give yourself the okay when your feeling angry and you desire to kick and scream or do you tell yourself all the reasons why YOU can't do that and stuff that as well? Are you aware if YOU honor yourself in any way, or do you push down, bury, & ignore, your true feelings?

In speaking of honoring YOURSELF and your journey it is very important that YOU don't get stuck while traveling this path for it only disservices you! DON'T do that to yourself. If YOU are not able to BE honest with YOURSELF at this time accept THAT and then work towards it!

Yes, sometimes it is hard to accept a part of ourselves that we would rather not admit is there, and yet that is what our journey is for....To ACCEPT ALL of Our self and to have FUN along the way! That is what I AM experiencing more and more!

The more willing that you are to Give Yourself Permission the easier life becomes! We have denied ourselves of so many things that we have told our self this is the way life is, yet it isn´t. WE are the Creators of our Life! We give our self permission or WE don´t.

Yet, this is a new day, a new time, and a new space! Give Yourself Permission, YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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