• Heather Buzzard


The United States of America has set an entire day aside for THANKSGIVING!  I feel that is great and I would like to challenge all of us a bit more.  Instead of just on Thanksgiving GIVING THANKS FOR ALL THAT I HAVE & AM why  don¨t we continue into tomorrow the next day and next week?

GIVING THANKS only benefits YOU!  It lets the Universe know just how much you do appreciate it and what you have in your life.  I KNOW for me that by my GIVING THANKS what I give thanks for appreciates.  That's right. It becomes more and more.

GIVING THANKS says you are willing to acknowledge someone else.  GIVING THANKS is saying I AM

grateful and I recognize that. GIVING THANKS can only benefit YOU in the long run as the more Aware you become the easier it is for YOU to see the circle of life!

GIVING THANKS for my family and friends, my good health and wealth, says to the Universe I AM grateful and because of that I AM GIVING THANKS!  It is no coincidence that the United States is such a prosperous Country.  I AM a big believer that it is because we do recognize and we do GIVE THANKS that we have become so wealthy!

Like anything else in life, we are a work in progress and yet I feel we are right where we are supposed to BE, shinning our light to other countries as they see us committing an entire day to GIVING THANKS!  

So join me, in stopping for a moment, today this day and say Thank you.

Thank you for EVERYTHING in my life. Thank you for my strength, my love, my peace of mind. Thank you for my abundance, my awareness, my willingness, my grace.  Thank you for my family, friends, and significant others as I travel through this day acknowledging and......GIVING THANKS TO ALL THAT I HAVE & AM. BEING grateful that I have an opportunity to BE so. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you, Life...AND SO IT IS AMEN!


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©2019 BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE. All rights reserved