• Heather Buzzard


It may not seem like it, feel like it, or look like it, although it is ALWAYS in ALL-WAYS with you! Yes. I'm speaking of the Spirit of God. You may be caught in a situation at the moment where it does NOT look like Spirit is there although I promise you it IS!

I was speaking with my sister whom I have not seen in almost 7 years and AM looking forward to seeing next month when I go home, and she was telling me about her life, her children, husband, and what has been happening in her life and I had to remind myself what I AM speaking about today. GOD IS, I AM, ALWAYS THERE.

Her situation sounded sad, her life sounded difficult, her choices seemed hard, and yet I told myself that she is exactly where it is that she is to BE. Personally, I may  not agree, or I may have thoughts about this or that, and yet in my Heart I KNEW that her life is in perfect divine order.

And then Spirit led me to pray. That's right. We prayed about her, her kids, her situation, ALL of it, and it was a prayer of thanksgiving! A prayer of gratefulness, a prayer of direction, guidance, understanding, and LOVE. A prayer of courage, strength, hope, and faith! A prayer of LOVE!

And Angels, it was that LOVE that bonded us, it was that LOVE that opened her to share more of herself, it was that LOVE that has given her courage, hope, inspiration, motivation, and the desire to keep moving forward, KNOWING that she is supported, uplifted, and loved the entire way!

And the same is TRUE for YOU! No matter what you may be going through, experiencing, or creating, ALL of it is for YOU! To make YOU a stronger person, a more loving person, a more TRUSTING person, a more confident person, a person who KNOWS that Life and YOU are ONE, as I AM Living Proof of what I speak. If life said to me to go back and do it all again I would because it was those situations, experiences, and happenings that created, shaped, and molded me into the loving, confident, strong, secure, women I AM today! 

And it will do the same for YOU!! THAT KNOWINGNESS will carry you into your destiny if you allow yourself to shape it, mold it, and TRUST it! It will be that KNOWINGNESS that will give you the strength to send love, when it does not  "look good" or BE quiet if you have NOTHING positive to say! And, you will be an example! An example to the world that no matter what it may "look like, sound like, or appear to BE"...........GOD IS, I AM, ALWAYS THERE!


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©2019 BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE. All rights reserved