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Happy Labor Day Angels!

Angels, this coming weekend in the USA is Labor Day and we here at BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE say THANK YOU to all of our essential workers who continue to make this Country run daily! Doctors, Nurses, Gas Station Workers, Store Cashiers, Janitors, Mechanics, School Bus Drivers, School Teachers, Police Officers, FireFighters, Sanitation Workers, City Workers, Amazon drivers, UPS drivers, and to ALL those who continue to help this Country move!

ALL of you derserve a BIG HUG and congrats especially after this last year and a half, yet all of the above mentioned and more have helped us continue to move! We are blessed and grateful to all of you, and we here at BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE wish all of you the best week and Labor Day to come! All of you deserve it!

And Angels, if you know of an essential worker give them a little extra love! They have surly gone above and beyond to make sure that HUMANITY didn¨t fall down! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from all of us here at BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE!


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