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Happy Memorial Day!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Happy Memorial Day too you! How are you spending your day of FREEDOM? Are you aware that you are FREE to make any choice you choose? Do you KNOW that you have the FREEDOM to say YES or NO to anything that you desire. Are you aware of the FREEDOM that you have by being able to walk out the door and go anywhere YOU choose?

Today is about FREEDOM. FREEDOM for this Country, & Yes also FREEDOM within yourself. You have heard of the saying "You may be in this World, but NOT OF this World." meaning, You have the FREEDOM to think anything you like and with that FREEDOM comes the responsibility of accepting the consequences of your thoughts. FREEDOM means NOT playing the "Victim" Game.

You have the POWER. That's Right, YOU have the POWER. Because you are one who is in control of your thoughts you can choose to THINK on anything you like. Because you exist, you are able to CHOOSE, and with CHOICE comes FREEDOM! You also have the FREEDOM to come and go whenever you like. To roam in and out of business, and facilities without being worried about any ill harm coming to you.

FREEDOM.....that is what this day represents. YOUR FREEDOM to BE, DO, AND HAVE whatever it is that you can possibly imagine. Thank you Spirit for my FREEDOM. FREEDOM to think positive, uplifting, loving thoughts. FREEDOM to run, jump, and play outside. FREEDOM to have whatever type of relationship I choose with what I call my Higher Power, Thank you Spirit for my FREEDOM to think whatever thoughts I desire.

FREEDOM is who YOU are. It is who I AM. FREEDOM means God. FREEDOM is love. FREEDOM is joy, FREEDOM is KNOWING who you are, FREEDOM is accepting, FREEDOM is loving......FREEDOM IS WHO YOU ARE! So Go, and ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM & have a blessed and wonderful Memorial Day!


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