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Who says we can¨t wish ALL Mother's a Happy Mother's day everyday!

LOVE is a powerful energy, thee most powerful in the Universe.  The energy of Love I feel, is what unites ALL of us together as a Mother's Love does with her child. Our natural Selves are expressions of God's Love the same as a Mother's love is for her child, and today we consciously stop and say Thank You.

Thank You Mom for all the times you carried me back and forth to school activites and friends houses and showed me what unconditional love is.

Thank You Mom for picking  up  after me and washing my clothes and teaching me how to cook so that when I AM on my own I can eat healthy.

Thank You Mom for showing me patience and love and healing my scrapes and wounds so that I AM able to give the same love back to my children.

Thank You Mom for BEING willing to BE a Mom and allowing that LOVE to flow in, as, and through you, making me a better person.

As we honor Mother's today we honor ourselves.  If not for Mother's this world would not be what it is today.  A mother is anyone who cares for, nurtures, or comforts you in your time of need.  A mother can be an Aunt, Grandmother, adopted mother, sister, whomever provides you with guidance and Love.

I have much respect for Mother's as I have chosen to not be one.  It is thee hardest job on this earth plane and yet, it is thee most rewarding for your Soul.  It matters not if you are perfect as none of us are, what I feel, counts is the fact that you were willing, and said Yes to allowing another Soul to come through you, to allow to love YOU!

Mothers You are cherished, respected, and loved.  Without YOU, we would not BE, and because that is SO.....A MOTHER'S LOVE IS FOREVER, and with that I say to ALL Mother's HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY-YES EVERYDAY!


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