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Honor The Father Energy

This is Father´s Day Weekend Angels, a time where if we can we honor our physical Father. Yet, if our physical father is no longer with us we can still honor that Yang Energy within our self or even our Father that has passed.

My Father passed two years ago and one thing I AM choosing to do is to speak with him and to look back at pictures of when we were together and giving myself permission to FEEL his love. I KNOW he is with me and because of that I also KNOW that he hears me and is smiling upon me.

We encourage you if your Father has passed to honor him in your own way. My Dad loved being outside and that is one way we will honor him. He also loved him some Hickory Farm Salami which I bought him every year and I can hear and see his smile of appreciation for that.

Also, in knowing that while he was in physical form I did my best to acknowledge and honor him which puts a smile on my face as I move through this Father´s what ways are you able to honor your Yang Energy and your Father in Physical form or in Spirit?

Enjoy this day Angels and have FUN with it as well!


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