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How FREE Are You Really?

How many of us are TRULY FREE with our Emotions? It is something that has been very prevelant in my space because of what I AM moving through and who I claim to BE! Angels, TRULY BEING FREE is being able to stand in who we are NO MATTER what the outer is showing us and to be FRANK Angels, I didn't pass that one!

I Allowed myself to get caught up in my feelings and emotions and acted from EGO instead of from my Heart Space! I cried when I truly realized I wasn't where I "thought" I was. Jesus KNEW Angels! There was NO DOUBT in his mind of who he was, where he came from, and his purpose! I have to give him big credit because I know I AM nowhere near that space!

Yet, the good news is, I have another and another and another opportunity to BE TRULY FREE in my Emotions, Thoughts, and Feelings! I challenge you as I AM challenging myself to take control of your emotions. It really is energy in motion and if we can't control our own emotions then who can?

It is very tiring to let outter circumstances and people to control it for you! I was in that space last week Angels and I did nothing except exhaust myself and felt bad, and a failure and THAT doesn't uplift and help humanity move forward!

We are all connected so managing our EMOTIONS is critical because it is that energy that creates this world! Think about that, each person is reacting or responding to life thorugh there emotions and our emotions aren't always healthy!

Affirmations, Prayer, Meditation, BEING STILL, letting go, forgiving, letting others BE who they are, are all ways to bring our Emotions under control! It is work, and yet like Jesus it is worth it as it is all a part of God's Divine plan!

Have an Awesome Fourth of July Angels and celebrate your FREEDOM in your thoughts, feelings, and emotions!


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