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How Many Of These Pillars of Character Do I Truly Posses?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

This is a short video that helps you identify your Character traits or lack thereof. Angels the World is the way that it is because we have forgotten Human decency and instead go straight for the jugular of a person and then think about it later!!

You can't tell me that if the USA has these Characters and practiced them everyday, that there'd of been a totally different demonstration on those Capital Steps! Angels what are we teaching our children? We tell them don't lie cheat or steal yet they watch us Adults do it daily! Hypocrisy at its highest! IS THAT WHO WE HAVE TRULY BECOME?

It is a short entertaining video simple yet so to the point.....listen!

Leave your thoughts and comments below and please share! We have to come back to Self Worth Angels......The material world has brought us to this point and if we continue to seek the material Humanity won't be around to ENJOY the material!!

Which goes hand in hand with professoring that we love God and how we are such God Loving Christian people, yet I 'd think again with all that we see in this World and ask myself....How Many Pillars Of These Characters Do I Truly Posses?


bringing people back to themselves

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